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Support women with hypothyroid condition in improving their quality of life, restoring their health, and achieving success.

Education Is Medication "When the Brain is Empowered with Knowledge the Body will Heal. Quote by Salam

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Do you feel stressed, exhausted, or fatigued no matter how many hours you sleep?

Are you tired of trying to lose weight?

Are you feeling cold even in warm days?

Are your hypothyroid symptoms getting worse?

Is it affecting your performance at work or in running your business?

I’m here to help you restore your energy, bring balance back to your life, and perform at your best.

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My name is Salam Almazidi, a former pharmacist, speaker, coach, and holistic nutritionist who researched for six months how to naturally restore my thyroid health and became drug-free. I presented my research to doctors at a medical conference in order to assist them in assisting other ladies in minimizing the symptoms that cause them pain and stress. Not only that, but I also shared it with many international organizations to spread awareness. I have been empowering women and the general public by raising health awareness. During my 7–8 year journey, I presented over 30 lectures and workshops in the fields of nutrition, stress management, and personal development, educating over 900 people, including women, children, teachers, students, and employees. I have also been a guest on television and radio shows, as well as in a few Kuwait City periodicals.

I was a speaker at a couple of summits and been interviewed to share my story and educate more people about hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid).

The Conference that Changed my Life

Master of Science in Nutrition

National University of Natural Medicine - Portland, Oregon


  • Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
  • Constitutional Medicine & Seasonal Dietetics
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances
  • Clinical Nutrition Rotation

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

University of Petra - Amman, Jordan


  • Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) Educators - 2019
  • Certified Training Consultant (Advanced Diploma) - 2013
  • Coaching & Guidance (Diploma) - 2012
  • International Coach Practitioner - 2012
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) - 2012
  • Trainers Training - 2007

Workshops and Presentations Samples

  • Turmeric Benefits for Health virtual presentation - Vancouver, WA, March 24, 2022.
  • Turmeric Benefits for Health virtual presentation - Vancouver, WA, December 10, 2020.
  • Steps to Relaxation workshop at Sea Mar Community Health Centers - Vancouver, WA, August 10, 2015.
  • Cultivate Your Calm workshop at Clark College’s Pathway Center - Vancouver, WA, June 10,2015.
  • Emergency! Stress management workshop at Clark College’s Pathway Center - Vancouver, WA, April 10,2015.
  • Balance Your Stress course at College of Social Sciences - Kuwait University - Kuwait City, November 24-28, 2013.
  • My Nutrition the Secret of My Success workshop at the Sabahia School for Girls - Kuwait City, March 28, 2013.
  • Breath to be Happy Workshop at Otrjha Alzahra Center in Kuwait City on May 14, 2012.
  • Diet and Cancer Prevention lecture for Kuwait Society of Engineers - Kuwait City, October 25, 2011.
  • Create from Your Stress the Path to Success Course - FIC Training Company - Kuwait City on March 30, 2011.
  • Good Nutrition = Outstanding Success workshop at Kairouan Middle School for Girls - Kuwait City, October 12, 2010.
  • Swine Flu Prevention lecture at the Salmiya Intermediate School - Kuwait City, October 21, 2009.
  • Breathing the Secret of My Life Workshop at Al-Morooj Girls Center - Kuwait City, July 23, 2007.
  • My Food is My Medicine workshop at Al-Morooj Girls Center - Kuwait City, July 15, 2007.
  • My Health, the Crown of My Life workshop at Al-Morooj Girls Center - Kuwait City, July 8, 2007.
  • Beautiful Images with Healthy Eyes workshop for Photography Club at - Kuwait City, 2007.
  • How to Beat Your Stress workshop for Kwtrem Club - Kuwait City, 2007.


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